Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Research has shown that the more words a child knows when entering kindergarten the more easily he or she will pick up reading.  Vocabulary is an important early literacy skill.  Of course, children learn vocabulary by being in language rich environments.  Joshua has spent his days being enriched by more medical vocabulary than a two month old should hear.  The words include but are not limited to:

Hematacrit - blood test to measure red blood cell count
Reflux - Jerry scientifically refers to this as up-chuck
Esophagus - because we can't just say throat
Motility - in reference to the large intestine
Apnea - luckily Joshua hasn't heard this term much lately
Caffeine - as in lots and lots and I"m not referring to myself
Bilirubin - we may or may not have thought it was called Billy Reuben and referred to an individual who disvocered the treatment.
Edema - or we could just say puffy.
Hernia - otherwise known as an outie. 

I also found a helpful website that defines terms.  I wish I had found this 10 weeks ago.

It seems our little man is destined to be a good reader and quite possibly a doctor.


Hannah said...

I love his smile in this picture!

Joe and Joanne said...

A-dorable! Love, love, love the picture. I just want to kiss that little double-baby-chin!