Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I have been wanting to learn how to sew for a long time, and a lack of a work permit has given me the freedom. I have my very own sewing machine and am in a class where I am learning with moderate success to sew a skirt.

I decided I wanted to make stockings to commemorate our first Christmas as married people.. I succeeded and I am very proud.

Experienced seamstresses (or the male version thereof) might be able to see areas where improvement is needed. I sure do. But this is my first sewing project success, and I am going to bask in the glory of it until tomorrow.

Monday, November 14, 2011

It Begins ...

On Saturday, Jerry looked out the window and said, "Oh, Michelle you aren't going to like this!" Well, I guess it had to happen sometime. Snow has hit the Great White North.
From this view from our apartment, you can tell that it wasn't a huge storm. That came today as the snow went from small specks to ominous marble sized flakes. True to first-storm-of-the-year tradition, drivers forgot how to drive and children were filled with Christmas cheer.

I took these on Saturday. On my way to the library, I walked through a small park downtown. I was shocked to find a tree that still had leaves on it.

The long winter is starting and it is time to put some real effort into finding boots for this Snow Grinch.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The River

Yesterday morning, Jerry peered out the window and informed me that ice chunks were floating down the river. Today, I decided to take a morning constitutional and check it out for myself. I bundled up and took a brisk walk across the bridge and found this.

If I can bear the cold, I will get another shot when the river is completely frozen.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Honeymoon Part 4: Universal Studios and Epcot Center

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is just a small sliver of Universal Studios. Jerry and I spent some of our time exploring other areas as well.
Jerry loved the Marvel superheroes.

My interests were slightly more literary. In Seuss Landing, they actually had a roller coaster dedicated to my favorite Dr. Seuss story. I was a little disappointed though when I did not have star on my belly by the end.
We also found this giant book.

The last hours of our honeymoon were spent at Epcot Center. I love the country exhibits that they have here and was so happy to get to return.

The Mexico pavilion is probably my favorite. Inside they have a very cheesy ride that takes you to lots of stereotypical places.

Jerry's favorite was China, of course! He even grew his hair out for the occasion.

We watched a street performer in Italy as the weather started to get bad.

Then last, but certainly not least, was the Canada Pavilion. Don't tell Jerry, but their film was probably the most interesting.

And thus ended our honeymoon adventures. After Epcot we headed to the airport and flew back to start real life together.