Saturday, January 14, 2017

Martin's Big Words by Doreen Rappaport, Illustrated by Bryan Collier

He said "together"
when others said "separate."
He said "peace"
when others said "war."  

If you visit the children's biography section of a public library, you will likely find many - dozens even - biographies about Martin Luther King.  Many are okay, some are great, but Martin's Big Words is my favorite.  During my Christmas posts, I mentioned that I enjoy nonfitction picture books and this one truly stands out.

This is a fast-paced, simplistic telling of Martin Luther King Jr.'s life.  There is no way to detail the nuances and details of his life in 32 pages.  But what stands out to me is he importance of the themes in his life - fight for equality with words not fists.  Love will change the world, not war. 

And the illustrations?  Well, Bryan Collier expertly bases many of them off photographs from Martin Luther Kings life.  I also love how many of the images have stained glass in them making the book feel a bit religious.  I highly recommend this book especially if you are introducing King's life to younger audiences.  Judging by the medals on the cover a lot of other librarians agree with me. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Time For Addison

I used to find it very difficult to think of ideas for Family Home Evening for a toddler.  I have pushed through that and now I think it is lots of fun.  But I have complained with lots of parents that it is hard to find ideas.  I decided it might be fun to share a bit of what we do. 

A couple things to note:
  • I usually get my ideas from other places and then tweak them.  I will be sure to link to all my sources.
  • Lessons last about 2-5 minutes.  Therefore, I refuse to prep for more than 10 minutes.  These are not examples of cuteness perfection.
  • I always try to include a scripture that we look up in physical scriptures.
  • My child is a very kinesthetic learner so my lessons reflect that.

 Tonight's lesson is going to be the story "Time for Addison," from the January 2017 Friend Magazine.  First, we look up the scripture, John 13:34.  Then we read the story, but to keep Joshua focused, he will act out building the tower, then playing with figures, and then the cards. 

Attached to the story is a "Choose The Right Card" One of the challenges to to show love for your family every day in a week.  I threw together a little chart with hearts so when we do something that shows love every day, he can add a heart.  I have a few ideas in mind of what we might do - art projects, little chores, playing with Henry etc.  I have found that little things like this help keep the lesson with him.

And that's it.  Super easy!  Joshua loves the time we spend together and I like finding creative things to do.

Firefighter Daddy

As a new safety protocol, Jerry is required to wear a safety jacket at all times at work.  To make things easier, he wears it to and from work as well.  Every evening when Jerry comes home, JOshua says, "Daddy Firefighter?"

He is convinced that Jerry has a career putting out literal fires.  Not the figurative fires of an HR manager.  That may be a little too complex/boring for Joshua to grasp at this point in his life.