Monday, February 6, 2012


My siblings and I are never obligated to buy one another Christmas presents. You can imagine my surprise and curiousity when my sister told me that she had bought us a present. "We immediately thought of you two!" she said. After a couple weeks of anticipation she revealed to me the gift. I laughed so hard I cried.
The game requires three players, so last night we forced ... I mean convinced some friends to play with us.

It is basically a combination of Bridge, Poker, and Rook for children. They even included a miniature board for our gaming pleasure. (Don't worry we did not charge entry fees.)

We all quickly learned the rules and started the quick trip around the board. You can tell by my face that it was a blast!

It seems only fair that Jerry won the inaugural game. But I tried my hardest to win the first ever game of Ding!
The game was more fun than we expected, and if any friends visit us they will be forced to enjoy a round or two with us. But remember, according to the box, "You have to be IN to WIN!"