Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How Jason Henry Got His Name

Shortly after Joshua's baby blessing, I wrote about how we picked his name.  Our new little guy's name has elicited a lot of questions, and a bit of confusion.  Thus, the record of how we chose Jason Henry.

We are not the type of people that have baby names picked our pre-ultrasound.  I kind of wish we were, but we're not.  We are more like hurry-up-this-baby-needs-a-name people.  We knew we wanted to carry on the tradition of a J name for a little guy.  But we had difficulty agreeing on a name we both liked.  Short lists were made.  Short lists were deleted.  Then, short lists were made again.  We tossed around names like Justin, Jonathan, James, and Jonas.  But the name we kept returning to was Jason.

Jerry was a little hesitant to pick this name because it is his brother's name.  He felt like family gatherings could get confusing.  I liked the name, and I like using family names as either a first or a middle name.

On our final try concocting a short list, I asked Jerry if we could use the middle name Henry.  When he asked why I responded with something like,  "Because I really, really, really, really, really love that name."  And it was like all of our problems were solved at that moment.  Jerry suggested that we use the name Jason, but call the baby by his middle name.

We waited to commit to the name until we could see the baby and decide.  We floated a few other names after he was born, but returned to this one.  We are so happy to have Jason Henry as a part of our family.