Thursday, August 9, 2012

On Unpacking

A little over a year and a half ago, Jerry and I registered for gifts.  I ran around Bed, Bath, and Beyond giddy at the thought of knife sets, apple corers, and cookie sheets.  That little scanner thing is so fun.  Friends and family generously complied with my requests.  I am very grateful.

We've been in our apartment a little over a week now, but our stuff arrived two days ago.  My back is very grateful to have a real bed again, but it is not so happy with the fact that I have been doing dishes for two straight days.  You see, I have handwashed approximately 4,531 kitchen supplies since Tuesday.  I'm not done.  After I finish washing and drying, I then determine where to put the things.  Every time I open a box I find more and am then forced to rearrange my drawers and cupboards.

This is what I have learned.

  • We own four teapots.  (I refuse to part with any of them.  They are awesome.)
  • A Magic Bullet has about 90 separate parts.
  • No matter how many dish towels you have, you will run out if you are hand drying.  
  • I was actually glad when one of our glasses was broken.  (It was from the dollar store and not a gift so there was nothing sentimental to it.)
  • I guess when I was blissfully scanning barcodes at the store I wasn't thinking, "Am I going to have to handwash this every time I move."
Just a thought for anyone thinking of registering in the near future.