Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Wilds

To celebrate our anniversary, we went on a family trip to The Wilds. The Wilds is the largest animal conservation and breeding area in North America. Most of the animals in the park are endangered or extinct in the wild. The goal is to breed and reintroduce the animals into their natural habitats. There were a lot of species that I had never heard of and aren't commonly found in a traditional zoo.

We took an open air bus tour which we felt like was the best choice.  Joshua loved being up close and personal with the animals.

 Przewalski’s Wild Horse

When we first saw the zebras, they were too far away for me to get a good look, but we went around the bend and part of the herd had moved and we got a great view.

We saw two types of rhinoceros, the southern white rhino and the greater one-horned Asian rhino.  The rhino is actually one of the most endangered animals out there so they are working hard to breed more before they become extinct.

Southern White Rhino
There were a lot of herds of horse and antelope type animals from both Africa and Asia.  It was a little difficult to remember what everything was.  I'm fairly certain this is a sable antelope.  I did some checking on their website. 

We had a lot of fun and Joshua liked watching the animals roam and he got to feed the fishies.

He was pretty exhausted by the end though.