Sunday, July 24, 2016

Family Photo Blooper Reel

On Friday, Joshua got it into his head that we needed to have a party with surprises.  So, we blew up some balloons, bought cupcakes, made a sign, and wrapped up some little surprises.  I insisted that we needed to get a family picture because we hadn't done that yet.  Well, Henry slept through his entire welcome party and Joshua was floating between exhaustion-induced hyperactivity and complete toddler meltdown.  Here is a taste of how the photo shoot went.   

We did manage to get one where it seems those of us who can smile are.  It may not be a perfect portrait, but it is a fun memory.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


As our time in Ohio starts to wind down, we are trying to spend the next couple weeks doing the things we have put off for a couple of years.  This time we visited the Longaberger basket. 

Longaberger is an institution in this area and they are known for their excellent (if not overpriced) baskets.  They are also known for their basket shaped buildings.  We have driven by the office building many times on our way to find Thai and Indian food.  No photo available, but imagine and office building that Yogi Bear might try to steal.

On our way home from our Independence Day adventures, we went a few miles out of our way to the Longaberger Homestead and found the giant apple basket.  Due to the rain and Jerry's disappointment that is wasn't more like a Disney Castle. we took a photo from the car.