Friday, June 21, 2013

Playing Catch Up - Maine

After New York, Jerry and I went to Maine.  I feel like I completely over-romanticized Maine this trip.  But for early May, the whether was exceptional - sunny every day.  It was not too hot and not too cold. Jerry and I went walking on the coast in various scenic places.

Maine is the state that I love.

This was taken at Two Lights State Park.

Yay for the ocean!

Just before leaving we walked around Mackworth Island.  On such a beautiful day we were lucky that it wasn't too crowded to even be allowed to visit.

We also had lots of time with family.  It was great to see our nieces and nephew who were very fun playmates.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Playing Catch Up - New York

Well, it's been about forever since I have posted.  It's been quite busy and maybe I was doing other things.  At the beginning of May, Jerry and I traveled east to see family and friends.  Jerry had never been to New York before so Rich enjoyed showing us around.

We were pretty tired after our overnight flight, but we still wandered around downtown.  WE saw Wall Street, the Statue of Liberty, and the new Freedom Tower.

On our first evening we went to Hobokon, to visit Jerry's friend Jeremy.  It is a lovely little city.

We ate Jerry's favorite food.  The cheese on the pozza was amazing.

Next to the pizza place is the Brooklyn Bridge, which might be my favorite place to see in New York.

We spent our last two days with Jerry's aunt and got to see the Phantom of the Opera.  The music and the special effects were incredible.