Monday, February 2, 2015

Joshua's Favorite Things to Play WIth

Joshua has a fair number of toys.  Our home isn't overflowing with gizmos for him, but he has enough.  He has a beautiful rolling wood whale, a ring stacker, tons of plush animals, and balls.  Besides constantly wanting to carry around his O and 0 from his alphabet floor mat, other traditional toys don't seem to interest him.  His favorite part of the saucer toy is the tag; his favorite thing in the toy box is the toy box.  Three dozen times a day, I am pulling Joshua away from computer or lamp cords.

Keeping a close eye on him can be exhausting, but we sure love his goofy grins. 

1 comment:

Joe and Joanne said...

Joshua has got the cutest little grin. You can tell he loves that exersaucer. He's getting quite the head of hair too. Growing up (but still a baby). What a cutie!