Thursday, February 12, 2015

Neonatal Follow-Up

I took Joshua to Columbus yesterday, and learned that my little preemie isn't so little anymore.  At 19 lb. 2 oz., he's the size of a typical 11 month old.

First, we played with the physical therapist who thought that he was on target for a nine month old (which is where he should be).  She gave me some exercises to do to help him along.  After that the nurse practitioner said that he looks great in all other ways.  We sure love this kid.


Jen said...

after our conversation yesterday I was curious and pulled out my kids' growth charts. You were right. Joshua is in fact bigger than Michael was at his 1 year check up (and Liz too, but that didn't really surprise me.) Joshua is so cute!

Laura Dickey said...

Great news!!! I know how comforting that feels. :)

Joe and Joanne said...

Great update! Looks like he's practically perfect in every way (esp. that adorable smile)!