Thursday, February 26, 2015

One Year

A year ago, I trembled
as the doctor's withdrew you from my body.
Your fingers were miniature matchsticks
Your body no longer than my forearm
Sensors, tubes, IV's and a steamy incubator
replaced my womb.
Your body, fragile as rice paper
was too brittle for my weak arms.

But today is not that day.
Today we praise toothy grins and husky laughter.
Chunky hands smear crumbs
and frosting over face and fluffy curls.
Your round belly wobbles
as you teeth on new treasures.
Your cheeks are pillows for
the thousands of kisses you receive
before you fall asleep in my arms.  


Rich and Kim said...

Beautiful Michelle! Really touching poem to your dear precious son.

Laura Dickey said...

This is beautiful, Michelle. Made me cry.

emma call said...

Tears as I read. So happy that the trauma of a year ago has truly turned into "joy in the morning". Not only a healthy, happy beautiful boy, but a healthy, happy beautiful mother! All our love this happy day!

Joe and Joanne said...

Absolutely the most beautiful piece of writing I've read in a very long time. Happy birthday to the little miracle Joshua!