Friday, January 16, 2015

Changing Fast

It seems that Joshua is growing and changing even more quickly than ever.  Two weeks ago, he could barely sit on his own.  Now he is doing ...

... this
,,, and this
...and this.

This rapid change in abilities has left me feeling 1/3 relieved that he is developing at the appropriate times, 1/3 heartbroken that he is leaving his littleness behind, and 1/3 terrified that if I turn my back my house will be torn apart.

Jerry jokingly scolded me saying, "Remember when you thought he was too small and would never grow?"


Joe and Joanne said...

Wow, look at that little mover! Looks like Joshua is doing simply wonderful.

Esmée is still content rolling but I know mobility in greater form is not too far off so we're beginning the baby-prep. My mommy sentiments mirror yours: It's wonderful to see your child grow, but sad at the same time.

Laura Dickey said...

I think part of prepping to become a parent should be learning to hold so many emotions simultaneously.