Monday, February 10, 2014

Monterey and Pacific Grove

As one last pre-baby trip, I went to Monterey and Pacific Grove, California to visit a friend from college for the weekend.  Most people know that I do not have a deep love for California, but I have to admit that this area was gorgeous and nearly equal to my love of Sequoia National Park. 

While all the locals were praying for rain, I relished the unusually warm and sunny weather.  This ocean views were just blocks from where my hosts lived.  I decided these towns were perfect for me because they were easily walkable.

The wildlife was up close and personal. 

To my delight, I found that there were depictions of whales all over the town.  I love whales ...

... and sea life of almost every sort. 

We drove down Route 1 and enjoyed the amazing views of Big Sur.  On my final evening, we watched the sunset at Asilomar Beach which is perhaps one of the most beautiful views ever.

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