Saturday, January 11, 2014

Announcing ...

After 22 weeks, Jerry and I have decided to make our announcement, "social media" official.  Very soon, we will be welcoming a new member of the our family into the world.


Is it a boy or a girl?

Well, a few weeks ago we had an ultrasound and the woman told us she wasn't quite sure, but she thought it was a girl.  There was a foot blocking  the view.  I was mentally gearing up for Dora and Disney Princesses until yesterday when we found out ...

  It's a Boy!

What is the due date?

May 13

How are you feeling?

I can't complain.  Some minor nausea and sickness in the first trimester, but I got my love for food back just before Thanksgiving.  This made for some extremely enjoyable holiday eating.

Have you picked out a name?

Nope, but I have a lot of opinions about naming. 

Do you have the nursery ready?

Again, nope

Are you guys excited?

Of course we are!  



Nancy said...

Congrats!! We bare happy for you & I'll bet your mom is over the moon.
My only suggestion for a name is that it be recognizable as a name and the child won't have to spend his life spelling it for everyone. (In other words don't misspell it to make it "Unique")

Joe and Joanne said...

I feel spoiled that I got the 'heads up' a little early - we've been waiting to hear what the confirmed gender was. What a surprise! You'll be a great mom. Can't wait to learn what you've decided to name him (when the time comes).

Lora said...

Yay, congratulations!! We are so excited for the two of you :)

Laura said...

Well, he is devilishly handsome. And I can tell that he's super clever and is likely going to win the Nobel Prize for something awesome.