Thursday, October 29, 2009

Seriously So Embarrassed

Tonight's evening commute started with a bang. One of my coworkers always drops me off at the gas station by the bus stop. Today, I saw the bus pulling through the intersection as my coworker was rolling to a stop. I was out of his truck before he was finished moving.

SMACK! I ran directly into a tree branch.

Then ... SLIRP! My brand new Clark's shoe slid through the mud. I managed not to fall flat on my face.

I nearly died ... of embarrassment. I'm sure the teen librarian saw the whole mishap. The bus driver gave me a long flirtatious lecture which included lines like "I would have waited for you. Not other people but, of course, you." and "Do you roller skate? I roller skate a lot; you have good balance."

Oh, dear! My pride hurts.


Joanne said...

Oh Michelle, I'm so sorry! It's hard to know some times with those bus drivers who will wait and who won't. Sure this one said he'd wait, but what about the next one? Seriously though, I'm glad you didn't get hurt. Be careful!

Rich and Kim said...

:) That is quite the story. You certainly are having all sorts of adventures and mishaps. Way to hang in there Michelle.