Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Visit From Fabulous Friends

Kim, Alyson, and I all grew up in Maine together. In order to escape winter and see me, Kim and Alyson flew into the City of Angels. This meant that I got to do some touristy things, I have had yet to do. Our original plans included attending and possibly being a contestant on The Price is Right. My dreams of winning a dining room set that would never fit in my apartment were dashed when Drew Carey got pneumonia. My mom even went to extremes to get us matching Maine T-shirts to wear on the show.
Instead we wore them in front of the Hollywood sign.
Kim* enjoyed the palm trees as much as I do. The variety of palms is one of my favorite parts of California. My preference is actually the small, stubby palms not shown here.
Somebody has an entire library painted on their garage. After some encouragement I decided to explore it.

These photos are only a smattering of the fun we had. It was a great trip and I'm so glad they came. The house feels empty without them.

*All photos courtesy of Kim.


Joanne said...

Looks like fun Michelle - as usual! ;) That library-garage is amazing. What an idea!

Richins Family said...

I have ALWAYS wanted to be on the Price is Right! Too bad Drew got pneumonia! Looks like you had fun anyway with your friends!

Laura said...

Michelle, I need to know if you like me or Kim better. Also, did you know that Annie Siddoway is engaged?