Monday, March 23, 2009

The Previous Week

Here is another week in review.

Monday - I spent last weekend in San Diego. On Monday, I headed down to Old Town San Diego ate a giant hamburger, dipped candles, saw the Wells Fargo Wagon, looked at graffitied plants, and missed my train home.

Tuesday - I did make it home in time to attend work and run around like crazy trying to get things done.

Wednesday - This was opening day. The library was filled with curious customers and children. Every copy of Diary of a WImpy Kid got checked out within about an hour.

Thursday - I actually found time to go to the grocery store. This didn't happen very often in the past couple weeks.

Friday - I celebrated my survival of the week and hit a sale at Banana Republic. I love sales at that store.

Saturday - Our ward had a nerd night that included Wii, Karaoke and Rock Band. Needless ot say I fit right in.


Sara Newton said...

Hey, I shopped the Banana Republic sale on Friday too! Glad your week didn't kill you! :) (and nerd night sounds like fun)

Joanne said...

Sounds like a crazy but good week! Get ready for some hot summer CA sun, because it's just around the corner! ;)

Laura said...

I don't like Nerd Nights, because even when I don't dress up, they think I did. I'm really jealous that you saw the Wells Fargo Wagon. Do you know the song or are you not nerdy enough to know The Music Man by heart?

Michelle said...

For the record I took a photo of the Wells Fargo Wagon and had the song stuck in my head for a couple days.

Emily said...

We have to plan more for your weekly updates!! What's on tap for this Monday?