Friday, January 16, 2009

Five Days in Review

Monday - I spent 3 hours at the Dentist. The most significant thing that I did at the dentist was read the majority of The Tales of Beedle the Bard. I'm still trying ot decide what to read when I return this week to get my fillings as it will undoubtably be a long visit.

Tuesday - The bus that i have to connect to in the morning was very late. When it finally arrived, the bus driver decided it was more important to step out of the bus and flirt with some girl than get customers to their destination on time.

Wednesday - When I went to buy a soda at a nearby gas station, some gentleman confused me with Cinderella. I was less than flattered and wanted to suggest (but of course didn't) that he find a new pick-up line.

Thursday - I went to a work meeting where we discussed the linguistic differences between "Kid's" and "Children's." I have strong opinions as you might expect.

Friday - I decided to get a massage which was probably the most relaxing 20 minutes of my week.


Dave and Cat said...

I have been trying to leave comments on several of your blogs but for some reason keep failing so I thought i'd just say hi and see if it worked. HI. Maybe I really can't read those red letters at the bottom of this screen.

Joanne said...

Quite a week you had my friend!
I guess the West Coast bus drivers have a different sense of urgency that these East Coast bus maniacs that drive 60 in a 30. Oh well!
Cinderella huh? Sounds like an interesting experience to say the least.