Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Dutch Day

This morning I was running out of my house to catch the 7:46 AM bus. Half way there I realized that I had no quarters with me. Unable to make it back for money and back to the on time, I decided to quickly change my clothes and take my bike.

It was a warm sunny day (I'm not trying to rub it in.) still cool in the morning but not bad. For California there were quite a few bikers on the road even. Some were commuters and some were definitely on the road for sport. We greeted one another as we passed. It almost felt like biking was normal - first Dutch feeling.

I got to work, carefully locked my bike to the rack, and started my day. This even felt a little like my mission when at a certain point I had tons of kids swarming around me. Combine that with a few language barriers etc. and it was quite the flashback.

We closed a little late today. Two librarians hung back while the rest of us left. As I was unlocking my bike, I reached over to turn on the lights and nothing was there. They had been stolen! That was the most Dutch thing of them all ...

... until I tried stuffing my huge bike into my coworkers tiny hatchback car. It fit by the way. Suddenly I remembered many a transfer when we were attempting the same thing.

Today, I have lost two bike lights and a little faith in humanity. But I can now see parallels to two worlds that have seemed so dissimilar.

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Dave and Cat said...

This was a good blog for me to read now because I am preparing to venture out in a snowstorm to get to church and this helped lift my spirits. Spencer was a little put out about you not coming from California to attend hi brithday party but I think you are forgiven.