Thursday, December 1, 2016

Worldwide Day of Service

This December, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is encouraging individuals to participate in a month long initiative to give service called "Light the World."  Today is a Worldwide Day of Service where they have asked as many people as possible to serve in any way they feel appropriate.

I love the concept of an advent calendar of service and wanted to do something special for today.  It is not my season to go stock shelves at a food bank or pick up litter by the ocean on a Thursday.  I decided to do something at home that hits close to home.  I sewed these developmental hearts for premature babies.  Honestly, I started earlier this week because even simple projects can take ages these day.  I was hoping to get them to the post office today, but unceasingly runny noses and damp weather have convinced me that it is wise to wait.

I plan to do little things every day until Christmas.  I'm not planning on blogging about most of them, but I might mention a few on Facebook.  I'm hoping that this deliberate effort in service will help it become a habit throughout the year.  

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Laura Dickey said...

Love this, Michelle! I really, really love the "Light the World" concept. What a great way to make the earth a softer place for all.