Wednesday, December 21, 2016

I'm Not Santa by Jonathan Allen

"I am not Santa!" said Baby Owl.
"And I am not big and fat like Santa!
I'm very fluffy like a Baby Owl!"

On Christmas Eve, Baby Owl is headed home from a long day of play.  When Baby Hare sees his red hat and sled, he becomes convinced that Baby Owl is actually Santa Claus.  A childish back and forth ensues and ends in tears.  But the real Santa arrives in the nick of time, to settle the woes of the animal friends.  Baby Owl then runs home to recount the evening's events to his mom.

As I looked at the list of books that I chose for this project, I was afraid that I might be giving the impression that I take picture books very seriously.  The truth is I love books that are silly and a little rowdy.  I love making kids roar with laughter when I read.  That's what this book is ... silly.

I've shared this book with large groups as well as one on one.  The large groups got a kick out of my over exaggerated crying.  Joshua has requested this book over and over at bedtime.  He would probably ask to read it more if it included reindeer.

This book is fun and great for toddlers.  And don't tell Baby Owl, but he is seriously cute.

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