Friday, March 18, 2016

To My Unborn Son

Before you were conceived,
I dreamed of you;
Then woke to search 
Through rooms, in beds and under cushions.

Frenzied, I would whisper
Where is he?
Until my consciousness reminded me
You were not there.

Now in quiet moments, I feel the flutter
Of your arms and legs inside me
As I pray that you will grow
Healthy, strong, and good.

Soon, I will swaddle you,
Lay you in your bassinet,
And fall asleep to the rhythm of your breath
Until I wake with a mother’s anxiety.

Frenzied, I will whisper
Where is he?
Until I realize, you are there
Filling the vacancy in our home.


Katja said...

Yayyyyy! Congratulations!

Katja said...

Yayyyyy! Congratulations!

Laura Dickey said...

Michelle, is this an announcement? Hooray! Also, this is beautiful.

Joe and Joanne said...

I'm so rarely on Blogger any more (and miss it) so I'm WAY behind here. This is such fantastic news! Congratulations!