Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Joshua's Favorite Things

Oprah has list of favorite things to market specific products.  I've decided that Joshua should have list of favorite things to help market his awesomeness.  So here you are.

Favorite Toys: 

1.  Balls
2.  Mr. Monkey
3.  Balls of other sizes.

Favorite Foods:

1/  Blueberries
2.  Oranges  (Are you sensing a ball-like theme.)
3.  Broccoli

Favorite animal.

1.  Dogs ... just dogs ... any dogs ... all dogs

Favorite books:

1.  Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do YOu See?  
2.  Bugs, Bugs, Bugs
3.  Goodnight, Moon

Favorite Things To Play With (Not Toys)

1.  Pots and Pans
2.  Hairbrushes
3.  Daddy's Ties

To be continued ...

1 comment:

Joe and Joanne said...

Love the list! That Joshua has good taste. Far better than Oprah. ;) Esmée shares in two of his favorite books list (Brown Bear and Goodnight Moon) and would add "Dear Zoo" to the list if it were hers.