Monday, September 15, 2014

Making Our Hotel a Home

We've been living in a hotel for about three weeks now.  You know that feeling when you walk into a hotel room and it's empty and organized and clean.  That's not how it feels to walk into our room anymore.  We've made ourselves at home here. 

But it's home for the next little while so that's okay.  It's not an ideal home, but it has it's perks.  Beyond binge watching the Food Network and HGTV, (we don't have cable at home) we have done other things.

  Our little home comes with an indoor pool, so Joshua got to go for his first swim which lasted for about five minutes.  The water was pretty cold. 

We get an all-you-can-eat breakfast every morning.  When we started out, I was determined to eat a waffle everyday.  Waffles are a sometimes a food.  I try and mix things up a bit now.

We're on our own for the other meals of the day.  Our microwave and mini-fridge just weren't cutting it.  Occasionally the hotel lets us use the breakfast kitchen to make burgers and such for dinner.

It's the good life.

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Joe and Joanne said...

Looks like a fun place to be in transition, but you're right: Nothing beats a real home. Thoughts and prayers from us in all your house-hunting!