Monday, August 18, 2014

Endearing Quirks

Three poems about Joshua, by Joshua, as dictated to his mother.


Sometimes when mommy bumps my bed, I become
After raising my arms I
Rest quite comfortably.
Though it appears rigid, it feels
Like my arms are resting on a cloud.
Even my
Dreams improve.


For weeks, I have tried to fit both in my mouth
In vain, I struggle day after day.
Someday I will be the master of my jaw.
Today, I will grunt and growl and
Squeal until finally, ten fingers fit inside.


Little tears
Are a sign of my sweetness.
Crying doesn't mean I'm not
Happy.  My eyes are a faucet with a slow leak.
Really I'm fine.
You can save your sympathy.
My mother's traits inherited are an
Even she agrees.


Teneill and Corban said...

Overactive tearducts, I love it!! He's adorable!!

Joe and Joanne said...

Joshua the poet! Love it! All three pictures are so fun, but I think the first one is my favorite. Babies look so peaceful sleeping and Joshua's little raised fists are adorable!