Saturday, June 14, 2014

Joshua Speaks

I know what you're thinking when you read this title.  Joshua's adjusted age is only one month, he can't possibly speak.  But I have evidence and Jerry was a witness on all three ocassions.

In the NICU

We had just gotten Joshua ready to practice bottle feeding.

Me:  Are you ready to start eating, little man?
Joshua:  (very loud and clear) UH UH

Turns out he really did love to eat.

At Home 

Joshua experiences frequent bouts of intestinal discomfort.  After hearing, what could have been either solid or gas:

Me: Was that a toot or poo?
Joshua: Poo
Jerry:  I think he said toot.
Me:  Really, I think he said poo.

After closer inspection, it turns out I was right.


After changing him ..

Me:  Do you want me to hold you?
Joshua: (a soft, pathetic whimper) Yeah

Coincidence?  I think, probably.  But it sure is fun thinking that I have a genius boy.

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