Thursday, April 24, 2014

Our Voices

Jerry and I have been asked many times if Joshua can identify our voices.  We've been told that they can distinguish our voices from the doctors' and nurses' voices.  I'm going to break one of my major rules and not cite any scientific evidence of it, but instead provide anecdotes.

Usually when I arrive at the NICU, Joshua is fast asleep.  But when I open the incubator and start talking to him, he'll pop his eyes open and start looking around.  He does not respond this way to the nurses.

When I'm done holding him, he gets mad when we put him back.  While the nurse was positioning him, Joshua grunted and squealed.  I stood him, rubbed his back and said something on the lines of "You're okay, the nurse is just making sure you are comfy and cozy."  Joshua stopped fussing immediately.

Lest you think he doesn't understand, I have this dialogue as evidence.

Joshua: hiccup, hiccup, hiccup
Jerry:  I wish I could come up with a way to scare you.
Joshua: hiccup, hiccup, hiccup
Jerry:  (very softly) Boo.
Joshua: hiccup, hiccup, hiccup
Jerry:  (very softly) Boo.
Joshua: hiccup, hiccup, hiccup
Jerry:  I know!  Temperature probe! (He holds up the thermometer)
Joshua:  Silence, Silence, Silence

Joshua really, really, really hates the thermometer.  It goes in his armpit, but somehow it is the worst thing of all time.  

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Joe and Joanne said...

LOL -- I'll have to remember that one from Jerry when the little lady is born. She hiccups all the time in my tummy. I'm afraid that may not go away by the time she's out.

Joshua looks like he's grown by about a pound since the last pictures. He's looking so much more like a full-term baby!