Sunday, January 20, 2013


Jerry and I headed to Vancouver for Christmas.  While it didn't turn out to be the fun, care-free trip that we expected, we still managed to see some of the sights in between meals.  (We ate remarkable amounts of Chinese food.)

On Christmas Eve, we stopped at Gastown.  I'm fuzzy on the details, but apparently it is old and important.

This is a view from the area as well.

On Christmas Day, we visited Stanley Park (named after the same guy as the Stanley Cup.)  THis view gives you a good impression of Vancouver weather.

This is a view of the famous bridge.  Seriously though, I"m having a hard time recalling names or interesting facts.

Stanley Park also had this interesting Totem Pole area.  I was most impressed with this of all the things in the park.

That was just a little taste of Vancouver.  Perhaps we will end up there sometime in the summer and see more stuff.


Haamlette said...

So you are saying that you are as excited as Annie is about Hockey starting again?

Joe and Joanne said...

I feel homesick. Being from just 1.5 hours away I used to go up to Vancouver all the time with friends. LOVE Stanley park! Did you see any of the racoons? (They have a ton - and one ripped my lunch right out of my hand once... they have no fear).

Looks like a fun Christmas!

Laura said...

I think I'll go to Vancouver in the summer.