Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Honeymoon Part 2: Cozumel, Mexico

The highlight of the cruise (besides the amazing sandwich bar) was Cozumel, a little island off of Mexico. You can see the island as we approach. Those fluffy clouds turned out to be a little ominous as it did rain when we first arrived. We didn't worry too much. We stayed on the boat and ate a sandwich.
The boat dumps you into the world's largest tourist trap with all sorts of duty free items. I was literally frightened that this was all there was going to be. But we actually found somebody that was selling snorkeling excursions and we took advantage. Let me digress a little and offer a cruise tip. Cruise ships sell excursions at highly inflated prices. Their sales pitch is often based on fear that you will not return to your boat on time if you choose an excursion after you get off the boat. If you wait, you can find many similar excursions from the locals at much lower prices. We discovered that everyone on the island lives by the cruise schedules. Unless you make a really bad decision an off boat excursion can be less expensive and more fun.

So, we found a snorkeling boat. They took us to two reefs. The water was clear and gorgeous and the fish swarmed around us when we fed them tortillas. Jerry and I were probably the strongest swimmers in the group and we stayed up witth the tour guide. He found us a sea cucumber and showed us lots of amazing things. I loved it.

After changing our clothes, took a taxi into town for Mexican food. While waiting for our meals we were serenaded with "La Bamba."

I was pretty excited to eat Mexican food in Mexico. This chicken and mole was delicious.

Jerry got a Mexican food sampler.

We strolled along the walk by the beach as the sun started to go down.

Then headed back to our ship (the one on the left. The island was flooded with eager tourists because hurricanes in other areas diverted most of the cruise ships to Cozumel.

Check back for our mainland Florida honeymoon adventures.

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Laura said...

1. So, so jealous of the snorkeling.

2. I did my 9th grade "vacation brochure" geography project on Cozumel. I've wanted to go there ever since.

3. Thanks for the cruise tip.