Monday, October 24, 2011

Honeymoon Part 1: Cruise Ship and Key West

So, two months later, I have decided that all of you will be interested enough in our honeymoon to endure it in more than one post. We took a lot of photos which is not typical for us, but it was quite an adventure. The night before the cruise, we wondered around Miami and found a restaurant that served some of my favorite Nicaraguan food. I was happy.

Every good cruise line features towel origami. I took a photo of it each night, but I think you get the point.

So my take on the cruise is this. It is literally the most relaxing thing ever. There is no schedule. Transportation, food, and entertainment are taken care of. But on the other hand it is five days of guilt-ridden gluttony. Whenever we found ourselves by the pool, I felt like I was at a floating frat party. But we found some lower key things to do. Our schedule went something like this - eat, sleep, swim, play mini golf, eat, sleep, swim, take a walk, eat, sleep, swim, read etc.

The boat even had a library. It may not surprise you that this was not the most crowded place on the boat. We ducked in here during our "Fun Day at Sea" and played some games. (I always have to visit the library)

Did I mention that we ate while on the boat. This is the lovely group of people that we ate dinner with every night. Two of the couples were taking vacations from their kids. The other two were coworkers that decided to go on a last minute vacation. One couple was Mormon and another was Canadian. You can see that we got along well.

Our first port of call was Key West. I am not going to lie, there was not a ton to do there and they didn't give us much time. We wandered into a toy store, and Jerry found this hat. I thought he looked pretty gangster.

We found a quirky little art museum called the Custom House. They had these art installations that would project your movements onto a framed piece of the installation. We got to be a part of art!

If you think that sounds like it was fun, just wait there's more!

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Laura said...

Michelle, you can post five or ten honeymoon posts and I'll be thrilled. I have a lot of down time.