Friday, July 15, 2011


My time in California is nearing an end. Therefore, I must do everything on my why-has-it-taken-you-so-long-to-get-around-to-this list in the next five weeks. On Monday, I went with my friends Jessica and Stacey to Catalina Island. Catalina is an island with a very small town called Avalon and then the rest is wilderness which includes some rather amazing wildlife. For this trip we stayed in town.

Here we are on the boat. It was a two hour boat trip from Marina Del Rey. Before we left for the trip, I was expecting the island to look like Maine.

It didn't.

The highlight of the trip was the glass bottom boat tour. They feed the fish so they will swarm really close tot he boat. When the greedy fish weren't around we could see underwater plants and the garibaldi fish.

This is a photo from the glass bottomed boat. The clouds burned off as the day went on.

Of course, we found the local library. (We love libraries). It is a very tiny branch from the same system I work for.

No blog entry about California is complete without a flower photo. Hibiscus? Correct me if I am wrong.


Laura said...

I dream of going to Catalina Island someday. I've heard it's the But... I've never heard it compared to Maine before.

Laura said...

(hee hee)