Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Early Birthday to Me!

I learned a few things on my mission. I learned that ALL Dutch people love windmills and Delft blue pottery. I am, of course, not exaggerating. I also learned to love tea. As a result I love teapots. My friend/mission companion/maid-of-honor/former roommate found this for me.

It is actually a clever salt and pepper shaker. Isn't it adorable?
It utterly and completely fulfills my need to surround myself in Dutchness.


Joanne said...

Firstly, 'Happy Birthday'!!!

Secondly, that is the most creative and fun salt and pepper shaker I've ever seen! (Truly, I'm not exagerating either - I love it). ;)

Have a very happy b-day!

Laura said...

Oooh.... love it so much. Perfect for you.

And... happy birthday, either today or whenever the day arrives. You're the best Dutch Californian Maine-ard I've ever met.