Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Do I Work Too Much?

On Saturday, I was walking back to work from my lunch break and standing at the corner of a very busy street waiting to cross. I knew it was going to be a minute so I moved into the shade. A moment later, two boys and their mother approached carrying McDonald's food. The boys were typically developing young children and as such were kicking each other.

Trying to escape, his older brother, the smaller one moved closer to me. He was probably five, but seemed very small on that very busy street corner. He had a round face, round glasses, and his hair was cut to look like a bowl. He stared up at me in almost amazement. This was our conversation.

Boy: Do I know you?
Me: Do you go to the library? I work there.
Boy: I go to the library all the time!
Me: Well, then you know me.
Boy: Mom, look! There's the lady that lives at the library?


Joanne said...

That is hilarious and very cute! :)

Laura said...

Ha ha ha. I remember one day my third-grade teacher said something about her daughter. It was the first moment I had ever considered the face that my teachers had a life outside teaching me.

Alisha said...

Very cute:)

Haamlette said...

Are you going to rent or sell when you move?