Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sweet and Small

You sat on my lap 
And cooed me a promise
To always stay little and sweet.

You give me slobbery kisses,
Nap snuggled on my lap,
And burrow your head into my shoulder.  

But today is the first time
You will break the promise 
You never intended to keep.

I will rejoice and sorrow 
As you gingerly discover frosting
And grin while family celebrates.

Next you will stand and toddle away from me,
Throw tantrums, sing the alphabet,
Steal toys from your brother and ride a bike.

Time will betray me over and over.
You will ramble endlessly about Harry Potter,
Spider-Man, Legos, and knock-knock jokes.

I will watch you with gladness and grief
Knowing that no bribe can keep you
From growing, learning and achieving. 

Leaving me overflowing with sorrowful joy.

*This is a roughly written poem composed on my IPhone while Henry napped on me.  

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