Friday, February 3, 2017

Brotherly Love

This week we had our first round of "I can mess with my brother, but you cannot!" If Henry has a toy and especially if it is one of Joshua's toys,  Joshua needs it at that moment.  The other day Henry was playing with one blue block and one yellow block of which there are many.  For some reason, only those blocks would do, despite the fact that Joshua was playing with trains.

Two days ago, we were at the church so I could exercise with a group of women.  I was doing my best to get any sort of workout with a screaming fifteen pound weight attached to me.  A little girl took one of Henry's toys from the floor.  He was too busy being my screaming fifteen pound weight to notice.  But Joshua noticed and could not fathom that someone else take Henry's toy.  He was very concerned.  Meltdowns are rare in this household, but Joshua melted down, screamed sobbed.  He could not face that injustice that someone would take Henry's toy. 

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