Monday, October 31, 2016

The Garbage Truck

We've decided that we need to document some of the cute, quirky things our kids do.  Joshua loves watching the trash truck.  Our apartment complex has a large trash compactor thing that all the trash is dumped into.  A couple times a week a truck picks it up, hauls it away, and empties it somewhere.  Joshua loves watching the process.  Here's a typical conversation we have.

Me:  Joshua the trash truck is here.  Do you want to come watch it?

Joshua:  Okaaaaaay!

He drops whatever he is doing then sprints into the dining area.

Joshua:  Up, up, up!

Me:  See the truck is lifting the dumpster onto the bed.

Joshua (waving):  Hi, truck!  Hi, truck!  Hi, truck!  Firetruck?

Me:  No, buddy, this is a garbage truck, not a fire truck.

Joshua:  Garbage truck?

Me:  They take all of our trash and send it away.

We watch the loaded truck start to back up.

Joshua:  Beep!  Beep!  Beep!

Then after the truck has gove on it's merry way, Joshua pleads with me.

Joshua:  More, mommy!  More truck.

Me (lifting him off the chair):  It's gone, but it will be back when it is empty.  I'll let you know when I see the truck again.  Go play.

Joshua:  Okaaaaaaaay!

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