Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Summer Hat

Last year, I had a lot of trouble finding a summer hat for Joshua, but I did find a pattern to sew one.  It would have been too big for him last year, but is just right for this year.  The pattern itself was a little girly, but I found the perfect fabric for a boy (or a girl who likes superheroes.)

It was easier than I thought it would be and came out a little snug, but I think it will last the summer.  Now to convince him to keep it on his head.  The hat looks smaller than it is in real life because Joshua was fairly stubborn about not wanting to keep it on his head. 

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Joe and Joanne said...

Very creative and very fitting for an active little boy! We just learned from our Pediatrician that growth sort of plateaus and may even go down a little around the 12-18 month age, so I imagine his hat will fit for some time. Very cute! On that note: Do you plan to come East any time this summer?