Sunday, March 29, 2015

Five Days of Joshua

This week has been characterized by snot, drool, and sleepless nights.  And yet, I still think about ninety percent of what Joshua does is absolutely adorable.  I'm constantly tempted to update Facebook every three seconds with the utterly genius thing that Joshua just did.  I've decided to document this week  by the happy things Joshua did.

Monday - Joshua took Peek-a-Boo into his own hands.  While sitting on my lap he would push my face away.  Then, pull it back.  He would giggle wildly as if he didn't know he was going to see my goofy faces.

Tuesday - Joshua stood up on his own without support.  First, he pulled himself up on the laundry basket, then just let go.  He stood there looking around while I praised him.  Without wobbling, he decided he was done and grabbed the basket again.  Great changes are coming!

Wednesday - I went through a bag of hand-me downs from a friend and found overalls.  Every little boy should have a pair of overalls.

Seriously, I can't stop looking at this picture.

Thursday - During pizza night, Joshua ate and loved his first olive.  This guy eats anything we give him.  Now I can pick the olives off my pizza sans guilt.

Sunday - Friday and Saturday were rather unremarkable, but today after months of coaxing Joshua decided that clapping is a pretty cool thing to do.  


Lora said...

He is such a precious boy :) I love the pic in overalls as well and definitely agree every boy needs a pair! I hope you guys are doing well :)

Laura Dickey said...

He is the cutest little baby boy in existence. Those overalls are killing me.

Joe and Joanne said...

Those overalls are absolutely adorable! (Of course, it helps that the one wearing them is even more so)!