Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Crafting Costumes

I started pondering Halloween costumes this summer.  I'm not good at this whole Halloween thing and knew I would need that much time.  I came up with the idea of ninja turtles.  Jerry thought that was great and we wanted to be a family of fighting turtles minus Raphael.

So, I Google-imaged DIY Ninja Turtle costumes.  DO NOT DO THIS.  Seriously, save your eyes and your innocence.  Amidst the filth, I found a cute kid idea on a blog called The Almost Perfectionist.  I took her ideas and my desired modification to the fabric store in Utah.  Said fabric is sitting with my sewing machine in a storage unit somewhere in the Midwest. 

While I was in Maine, I found some fabric and used my mom's sewing machine to make the costumes.  It was that important to me.

Unlike the blog I found, I am not even close to being a perfectionist.  The costume is far from flawless, but hopefully the gym at the Trunk-or-Treat will be a little dim and I don't think anyone will care that much.

For the turtle shell, I started with two circles of broadcloth and stuffed it.  Easy-peasy.  The original plan was to use felt, but supply did not meet my demand.

Initially, I was going to attach a shirt-like front (bottom of the above photo) to the turtle shell, but my mom talked me into just adding ties to the front and back.  Also very easy.

I highly recommend stick-on felt pages.  It was a great finisher for the front.

After all the sewing was done, I pulled out the hot glue and added a felt turtle pattern to the back.  I also used red, blue, and purple broadcloth for head and arm bands, but they aren't really special so I didn't post them here. 

In total, I made four turtles - two Leonardos, one Donatello, and one mini-Michelango.  You will see photos of us in costume next week.

Now, I am faced with one problem.  What can we be next year to use up all the green felt?  Suggestions are welcome because I don't think Jerry wants to be a lettuce leaf. 


Lora said...

Ugh my comment didn't post! Lazy phone.

They are so fun - good job!

One year two friends of mine went as Jolly Green Giant and Lil Sprout which would use a lot of green. There are always dinosaur ideas. Or a crocodile for Jerry and Tinkerbell for you to fit a peter pan theme

Lora said...

The third family member could be a different vegetable or a farmer...or a lettuce leaf :)

Joe and Joanne said...

Adorable! They look pretty perfect to me from looking at the pictures. Two thumbs up to you for sticking to your Halloween goal. I looked at costumes on line for Esmée (I do sew, but only every blue-moon) and ultimately didn't buy anything. We're party poopers over here. :) Anyway, great job! Can't wait to see the pic of everyone dressed up!