Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bright Eyed

Lately, Joshua has been very awake when we've been visiting him in the NICU. This is a change from last week. But as the nurse practitioner said, "He's a lot older than he was last week."

He's making lots of progress and is really getting the hang of breathing on his own. So much so that he has had two different machines in two days. Each makes him do a little more work on his own. He's responding really well. And he no longer has the head gear you see in the picture. (He was not a fan.)


Laura said...

He does look "a lot older" than last week. :) He is really cute - especially for a preemie! Are those blue eyes?

By the way, our car broke down Thursday and had to go in for repairs. I promise I'm coming to see you!

Joe and Joanne said...

It is so amazing how he's developing despite his little size. There's a big, bright, determined and sweet spirit in that little body!