Saturday, November 30, 2013


All football season, Jerry and I were looking forward to going to his first BYU football game.  I tried to teach him the fight song and failed to convince him to buy some BYU apparel.  Well, the day of the BYU vs. ISU game finally arrived.  It was Jerry's ideal weather - a mix of snow and rain.

You can't see it under my layers, but I promise I am wearing a BYU hoody.

We had a nice sideline view of the game.  And we watched BYU dominate the other team.

After every touchdown, these gentlemen would do pushups of the total score.  In the first half they did a total of 196 pushups.

We decided that since we saw a full game's worth of scoring in the first half it would be okay to ditch and find somewhere a little drier to finish watching the game.

We watched the halftime show then bolted.

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