Monday, October 29, 2012


This was the first year that Jerry and I dressed up for Halloween together.  It was also my first couples' costume ever.  I've always thought that Jerry looked a bit like Russel from UP, the Pixar movie.  I'll let you decide.

UP is one of my favorite Pixar movies, and I've always thought that Russel was such a fun character.

As I mentioned, this was a couples' costume.  I attended as the house that the balloons carried away.  The strings are tied to my back belt loop.

My costume became a problem when we played "Hide and Ghoul Seek."  Not to brag or anything, but our costume rocked!

Thanks to Jen for providing most of it!


Jen said...

Yep, your costumes rocked! The kids loved Russell. You guys did great. (Oh, and I am happy we could help!)

Haamlette said...

You win for most creative costume! So awesome!

Joe and Joanne said...

Cute ideas for costumes! Jerry does resemble Russell - that' so fun! :)

Katja said...

What an awesome costume!