Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Calgary Stampede


Jerry and I went to the rodeo - the most famous rodeo in the world.  This year the Calgary Stampede was celebrating their 100th Anniversary.  We took this picture after we arrived at our seats and our noses stopped bleeding.  

First, we saw real live Mounties (Royal Canadian Mountain Police) in their ceremonial red uniforms.

Events included bucking broncos and calf tieing.  Below is the women's barrel racing event.  IT seemed easy at first, but I realized that the tight turns must be hard.

 The most exciting/frightening event was the bull riding.  Bulls are pretty mean.

The winners of each event were paraded aroung the arena.  I guess they earned a little money too.

After the rodea, we hung out around the carnival area with Jerry's brother's family.

Everyone that found a hat their size got one.  That means I got one, but Jerry didn't

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