Saturday, January 21, 2012

Maine Wedding Celebration

Just after Thanksgiving, we held our third (and thankfully final) wedding celebration. This one was very casual. No dress, no cake, no DIY decorations. We held it in my parents' house. My mom did a great job decorating with red and gold. Our colors worked very well for a Christmas time celebration.
We invited guests that I knew mostly from my growing up in Maine and had a great turn out especially because it is a difficult time of year. Some of my favorite guests were these kids.

Two couples win the award for traveling the furthest. I am so pleased to have some of my Boston friends there. Joe and Joanne made a weekend of it. It was great to catch up especially because Joanne and I had both married since we had seen each other.

Laura and Tim also visited from the Boston area. I was delighted to meet Squiggles. Until then I had only been adoring photos of her from Laura's blog.

I was also so excited to have some of my friends from the high school days.

Apparently we all enjoyed seeing each other.

A lot of the other guests were friends from church and growing up. It was so wonderful to see all of them. It was a joy to catch up with all the people who have had a profound effect on my life.


Laura said...

We would have come from a lot further than Boston! It was awesome to see you and meet Jerry - we loved him.

The celebration was awesome - your mom did a great job. We're sorry we ate so much food - it was very delicious. ;-)

Joe and Joanne said...

I agree with Laura, traveling up from Boston wasn't too far to travel to see you again and meet Jerry. Thanks for having us! Hope you can make it to the area again soon.