Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dear California Drivers

While living in Boston, a city know for its notorious drivers I faced one automobile-related brush with death. Was I jay-walking? Most likely.

Now all you California drivers out there. You brag about your logical city blocks, and your six lane freeways, and your good drivers. I have heard you scoff at Bostonian drivers. If I may be so bold, I would like to contradict you. Since living in California, I have been hit by a car once. Was I crossing legally? Of course! Only lunatics jay-walk in this place. (Luckily I was on my bike and sustained no injuries.)

As for brushes with death, I have had many. Tonight, for example, I was crossing on a green light, I was wearing light colors, and I looked both ways. And yet the person turning left felt no need to slow down and missed me by inches. If he/she could not have seen me, he/she should not be driving. If I had a dollar for every time this happened, I could buy more people Christmas presents this year.

Now I realize that wherever you are going is far more urgent than where I am going. But it is really in your best interests to wait for me to briskly cross the street before turning left. I promise you I will walk fast enough that you won't get stuck at the light. If nothing else, think of the cramp an accident would put in your schedule.

Warm Regards,


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Laura said...

Oh my. I didn't know there were worse drivers than those in Boston. It doesn't seem possible. Be careful over there!