Monday, March 29, 2010

Rockin' Rexburg

Yesterday, I returned from a visit to Rexburg. Having gone my entire Provo experience without visiting Idaho, I assumed I was in the clear. Now four years later, I flashed back to college life for the weekend. Some family friends from Maine graciously allowed my friend, Meagan, and I to stay with them while we visited my other friend, Sarah.
Here we are happy to be reunited. We drove from SLC to Rexburg in excellent time, but some confusing Google Map directions made us very happy to finally see each other.
Sarah gave me a tour of the BYU-I Library. I was quite impressed. I'm a library tourist. It being late March in Idaho meant that it was still pretty cold. Meagan and I tried to cope, but complained occasionally and stayed bundled up.
On Saturday, we were pretty tapped out on ideas of what to do in Rexburg. We drove out of town. We found this lovely park and river in St. Anthony.
This giant root beer mug is Ashton, Idaho's claim to fame.

This trip was relaxing and fun - my two favorite things.


Sarita said...

Oh sweetie! It was so glad to have you here! I loved it. It has been hard thus far for me to return to reality (i.e. homework).

Tara said...

I didn't know you were in Rexburg! Don't you just love it here!!!! Its my favorite place ever! Next time you happen to be in Idaho you should let me know! Mini family reunion in Idaho! haha! Glad you had a fun time! And I'm glad you liked the library, its kinda where I spend my life! haha

Joanne said...

FUN! :)