Monday, January 25, 2010

Ode to an Awesome Friend

I have nominated my most awesome friend, Emilysa, for the "Most Awesome Friend of the Year" award.

Qualifications include:

  • being a great mission companion, roommate, and friend for nearly six years.
  • teaching me how to make cookie dumplings, rice and beans, and other concoctions.
  • always asking the right questions.
  • being willing to drive approximately 115 miles to cheer me up on a rotten day, and waiting unfazed while I periodically felt the need to stare into the toilet during her visit.
  • embarking on adventures that some may call "geeky" and others call "nerdy," but we call "fun."
  • finding the time to see me in some less than convenient places like the Salt Lake Airport and a church in the Phoenix area.
  • being a fabulous example.
  • understanding me.

Vote for Em for the most "Awesome Friend of the Year Award" and wish her a "Happy Birthday" this week.


Janie said...

I second your vote. :) Em is a great friend, and an awesome sister.

Laura said...

I totally vote for her - she sounds awesome. Ummm... staring into a toilet? Is that one of those geeky adventures you call fun?

Laura said...

P.S. I'm really behind on blogs... can you tell?

Laura said...

Not that I'm a blog police, but don't you think it's time for another update? Come on, Michelle - I need to be entertained!

Michelle said...

Creative genius cannot be rushed.