Sunday, July 19, 2009


The past three weeks have been crazy! With programs everyday, work has been nonstop. I've gone out of town two weekends in a row. Everyone around me has noticed that I am in need of some R&R. One of my coworkers will look at me and immediately say "Relax!" It is her one word mantra to me.

Apparently, others have the same advice. After church, I was enjoying Linger Longer with my ward. I dropped my sandwich and chips on the ground. After disposing of my sandwich remains and cleaning my hands, I turned around. On the counter behind me were huge letters spelling out "RELAX." I bursted out in laughter. No one knew what was funny. I certainly learned something at church today.

1 comment:

Joanne said...

"Linger Longer" exists outside of Boston? Wow...

But yes, try and get some R&R - balance is a good thing. :)